Tunisia deploys police robot on lockdown patrol

Tunisia P_Guard on duty

The capital of Tunisia, Tunis has deployed the P_Guard to patrol the area, as lockdown in the area enters the third week.

Here is a little breakdown of how this piece of AI functions.

It patrols the inner cities of the Tunisian capital, Tunis
If it spies anyone walking in the largely deserted streets, it approaches them and asks why they are out.
They must then show their ID and other papers to the robot’s camera, so officers controlling it can check them.

Tunisia P Guard robot has gone on duty in the capital Tunis

According to a report published recently on SecurityInfoWatch about the P_Guard robot(emphasis, our own):
“The police robot, “P-Guard,” was originally invented for security patrols of sensitive open areas. To deliver 360 degree, zero blind-spot surround imagery, each P-Guard robot is equipped with two VIVOTEK MS9390-HV 180 degree panoramic network cameras. Since its debut in 2018, this has been VIVOTEK’s most iconic multi-sensor camera. The MS9390-HV features dual 4-megapixel wide-angle lenses, seamless 180 degree panoramic views, and IR illuminators effective up to 20 meters, making it the ideal camera to provide superb image quality for both day and night surveillance. Also, the face-shaped housing design of MS9390-HV is perfectly matched to the robot appearance and makes the P-Guard robot look friendlier to citizens.

With its field-beating cameras, Lidar technology, and extensive network connectivity, the P-Guard can be remotely operated to perform security missions to all corners of the city, making sure that people are staying at home during the nationwide quarantine.

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