Google’s New App Connects Nearby Devices Without The Need For Bluetooth Or An Internet Connection

Google nearby connection

Google has found a replacement for keeping nearby smartphones and users connected.

This new product by Google is named “WifiNanScan App,” and is touted by Google as an improvement over the Bluetooth mode.
According to Google, Wi-Fi Aware allows for “higher throughput rates over longer distances than Bluetooth connections.”
For Your Information; WiFi Aware is Neighbor Awareness Networking (NAN), which allows Android 8 and later smartphones to discover and connect on to one another with no other kind of connectivity between them.

According to a statement available on the PlayStore listing page of the “WifiNanSan App,”
“With this app, you can get a distance measurement with about a one-meter precision with phones up to fifteen metres apart. This tool can be used by developers, OEMs, and researchers to validate distance/range measurements, allowing for peer-to-peer ranging and data transfer, as well as find my phone and context-aware applications that support the WiFi Aware/NAN API,”

Among other Benefits, and according to a recent review by the Wi-fi Alliance, the New App by Google is expected to bring with it the following benefits to users:

  • Send a document to a printer without having to log into the network first.
  • Even if the restaurant is closed, view the menu and make a reservation while walking by without an internet connection.
  • Timestamp and automate school check-ins and roll-calls.
  • Use mobile identification (ID) such as a driver’s license or passport to streamline airport security, customs, and immigration processing flows without requiring passengers to present a physical ID.