New Song: Yeah by Homeboy Janx

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Multi-talented music act, Homeboy Janx releases another hit wonder titled Yeah under his new record imprint HOMEBOY RECORDS and produced by Bigfoot Studios

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Below is the song lyrics to ‘Yeah‘:

Come, come a little closer
Baby let me put you on the Sofa
I just wanna love you all along
Hit you in the morning
Put you in the shower.
Girl! This your body dey tempt me
I just feeling the love when you call me
I just wanna know, if wanna know where I am
Maybe this night we can link up
We can drink up, we can follow up, we can love up
I’ll be touching your body, touching you all night yeah
Till you begin to Scream

Yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah
I got my middle finger hung up in the air
Yeah yeah
Straight down, I’m tearing you apart yeah
Yeah yeah
In my mind I’m the Lord of this Castle

i wanna get lost in the feeling
crazy from the pussy to the fingerings
Licking fuckin everything is crazy
You fuck me,now my brains gone hazy
Body slappin damn to the timing
got me poundin feels like im exploding
You got love and I am representing
I got love and you never rejecting
Another man wanna colombi, colombi
Another man wanna touch your body, call on me
Caĺl on me, I will fight for you like jet li

Repeat Chorus

Feeling, feeling feel it in me
Feeling the love that you giving to me.
I just wanna lie on you babe ×2

I Just wanna hold you down down down
Put you on a round round round
Make you spin around
Till you go loud
I just wanna make you feel love, loving
I just wanna be where you are, baby
Love the way you touching my body
This thing go make me go crazy


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