Your small business, services and products, should be placed right in front of your audience and not just anywhere.
We will offer you this and much more on Netserver Africa with the right team who’s had up to 12 years experience in digital marketing. We are up to Google Certified in Digital Marketing

image demonstrating business growth

Available ad Strategy and placements

  • Banner ads(various sizes)
  • Text ads(150 & 300 words)
  • Sponsored posts(any length)
  • Video ads(<=30seconds)
  • Whole header and background ads(image only)
  • Social media campaign(text and image only)
  • Email marketing (text and image only)
  • Search Engine Marketing and optimization
  • Mobile marketing(SMS and in-App)
  • Google Network(Across all Google products)

Our Promise: Our reach is extensive; but we target your niche market only in our campaigns to ensure maximum visibility for you with minimal cost. Local ads appear on Netserver Africa and ALL partner websites(depending on category chosen) and on Magazine(futuristic)

View and download a marketing proposal and pricelist for your campaign

See our rate card and receive a well detailed proposal on how we are going to spend your ad budget to get you the maximum exposure your small business needs.
We will be glad to offer pricing based on what your small business can afford at the moment in your local currency. Some other currencies we can accept include in fiat(NGN, USD, EUR, GBP) and cryptocurrencies(BTC, BCH, ETH, XRP, DOGE, APL and some custom tokens).

You should contact us or reach us on social media and IM(whatsApp/Telegram) for enquiry on how you may pay and wallet address
Enter full address. Include state/region
If you selected text ad and indicated that you have your text ad ready