Job opportunities quickly becoming most important factor behind study abroad choices

Jobs a motivation by many to study abroad

Amongst the survey’s other findings, it was revealed that employment opportunities after graduation was an increasingly important factor influencing the choice of study abroad country.

UK recently confirmed that foreign students forced to continue their studies through distance or blended learning will remain eligible for UK PSW visas in 2021 upon graduation.

Canada said it will grant PGWP post graduation work permit (post study work visa) to international students starting between May and September 2020 who study 8 to 12 month programs fully online.

UK also confirmed work rights for dependants of postgraduate international students in UK who get a PSW post study work visa from 2021.

Job opportunities rose from being ranked as the 9th most important factor in the January 2018 survey, to third in the most recent survey. 

The other two most important factors were cost of living, and the host country’s language and culture.


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