Welcome to Netserver Africa Digital Hub

We have a team of talented tutors, developers, designers, publishers and digital marketers, working from different locations worldwide and with up to date industry certifications and more than 15years of client-satisfaction experience among us

We run a job board and online job placement agency and you will be the first to get notified of placements that fit your graduated course of study when you train with us.

Tutors are sourced from various locations and the success of most offline in-person trainings will depend on the availability of a tutor near a client

Online Training

Enjoy tutorial classes from a nearby tutor, and practice lessons online, using the latest technolgy available, and at your own convenience whether for an individual client, kids or a group

Private Classes

Enjoy the luxury of private classes. We understand that alot of clients who pay for the services of a tutor, want so at the comfort of their own timing and privacy to learn and this we have covered already

Kids and Teen Classes

Kids can be trained by us; online, using and in person at a friendly fee to parents and guardians. Courses are gamified and made interactive for easier assimilation by kids and Teens

Request Certificate

Certificates are normally made available to students after successful course completion and there are options to request certificates in the formats: online(soft copy) or framed and shipped(hard copy)

About Us

Netserver Digital Hub is where we turn ideas into reality. Contract us to turn that wonderful idea of yours into a reality.

Netserver Digital Hub is an online Tech-based hub that teaches, builds, customizes, re-designs, publishes and promote user-generated ideas. With Netserver Digital Hub. For our classes(which is run in partnership with OJAAY Digital Institute) and certification, we outperform our competitors in the following areas:

  • Website and Mobile Development Classes
  • Software Development Classes
  • Blockchain Classes
  • Digital Marketing Classes
  • Server/Hardware/Networking Classes
  • Online(private and group) Classes + certificates of any custom requested course(s) of your choice as may be available

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We take client satisfaction seriously and hence involve our clients through the different stages of each course and training and we stick awhile longer after we deliver. Customer support is guaranteed all through the training phases and we can be reached at anytime through our social media channels and Instant messaging channels.
You have a chance to become a tutor or course creator with Netserver Africa and OJAAY Digital Institute

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Here Is Why You Should Learn With Us

First, getting trained and certified shows employers you are skilled in your chosen field.
Second, getting trained and certified helps you on your way to get promoted, or start a whole new career.
Third, You have a rare opportunity to request a new course; we seek out a tutor and your training can commence thereafter.
Fourth, We run a job board and online job placement agency and you will be the first to get notified of placements that fit your graduated course of study.

Available Courses