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We are team of talented developers, designers, tutors, marketers and promoters, working from different locations worldwide and with up to date industry certifications and more than 15years of client-satisfaction experience among us

There is free web hosting for every client who we handle their websites

Website/App Development and Hosting

Want a website that exactly matches your design and goals, with, a possible mobile app to go with it at no extra cost? Then talk to us as regards what you want and we will work with you to deliver you what we can. It's that simple

Software Development, Testing and Deployment

Reach Netserver Africa for custom made sftware solutions or even an integration of OTC available software solutions; whether in education, finance or government; we would love to talk to you as regards your software needs

Blockchain Development and Deployment

Whether is a token, custom blockchain or some DApp, or you want an efficient utility offering or blockchain advisory. We've got you covered. We have you covered with 4years of Blockchain experience and counting

Server/Hardware Deployment and Maintenance

We will provide your organization with web-server experts to help deploy web-based apps. There are LINUX-certified and CISCO-certified hardware experts to work with you as per network infrastructure

About Us

Netserver Digital Hub is where we turn ideas into reality. Contract us to turn that wonderful idea of yours into a reality.

Netserver Digital Hub is an online Tech-based hub that teaches, builds, customizes, re-designs, publishes and promote user-generated ideas. With Netserver Developers Hub;you will have your ideas turned into reality in more areas than you can imagine. We outperform our competitors in the following areas:

  • Website and Mobile Development
  • Software Development
  • Blockchain Development and Deployment
  • Website Promotion
  • Server/Hardware Procurement and Deployment
  • Online(private and group) Classes + certificates of any tech courses of your choice as may be available

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We take client satisfaction seriously and hence involve our clients through the different stages of each project/course such as the pre-project, project and we stick awhile longer after we deliver. Customer support is guaranteed all through the project phases. We can be reached at anytime through our social media channels and Instant messaging channels.

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Do you want a website or a new software/application, or perhaps you want to market or promote what you already have to get more leads or attention? Do you want to learn something new, privately or in group? Do you want to publish your book, music, movie or art? Work with us to achieve your reality with our combined expertise and non-stop client support all the way.

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