Google nearby connection

Google has found a replacement for keeping nearby smartphones and users connected. This new product by Google is named “WifiNanScan App,” and is touted by Google as an improvement over the Bluetooth mode.According to Google, Wi-Fi Aware allows for “higher throughput rates over longer distances than Bluetooth connections.” For YourContinue Reading

Budgeting in your project by Netserver Africa

In project management, a basic idea to success is implementing a successful budget plan. First steps in setting a budget involve: Identifying the different elements of a project budget Understanding the difference between an estimate, a budget and budgeting The project manager is concerned solely with the ‘internal costs, purchasesContinue Reading


Project management can be put to mean the process of utilizing appropriated resources in leading the work of a team to achieve clearly stated goals and meet success criteria at a specified time. The primary challenge of project management is to achieve all of the project goals within the givenContinue Reading

tech4skills and microsoft partnership

Microsoft and an African-based non-profit social enterprise, Tech4Dev have partnered to train girls and women across Africa in coding and deep technology based skills. The move is aimed at bridging the digital and technology divide and ensure equal access to opportunities, by all genders, across Africa. The program known as theContinue Reading