Bravo LT needs you to be a part of our highly motivated group of technology experts. We share a passion for technology and the community we serve, and we are committed to building long-lasting, productive relationships. We focus on giving back to the community, positively impacting society, and providing qualityContinue Reading

Summary: Do you enjoy solving difficult problems and creating efficiency using technology? If this sounds exciting then this opportunity is for you! Moxe Health is hiring Software Engineers, from junior to senior level, to join the team. As a Software Engineer, you will work on a Scrum team building greatContinue Reading

ComplYant is a startup committed to solving the business tax problem. Businesses are paying billions in tax penalties every single year for filing forms or making payments after they are due. We aid small business owners by using technology in taking charge of their tax requirements with deadline tracking, budgeting,Continue Reading

We’re looking for someone to lead the development of our recently launched web app, [Manga Method](, as well as help us to improve our content-focused WordPress site, All Language Resources.Both sites are in the language learning niche (ie, Spanish, French, etc).**Manga Method** makes it easy to learn a language viaContinue Reading

**Join the online education revolution!**ELVTR  is an online education platform, taking online learning to the next level. All our lecturers are leading industry experts at companies such as Google, Microsoft, and, just to name a few.We are growing and looking for** Sales Representatives** to join our team! We areContinue Reading

The nexus between a job aggregator and a job board’s success is an interesting story, full of intricacies. For example, compared to 2020, unemployment rates are low. Besides, as the hiring rate increases, recruiters and job boards are struggling to find the right match for an opening in their organization. Continue Reading

What is semantic search? Although the words “semantic search in recruiting” are being used in different contexts these days, what is important to understand is that it means searching not just using keywords, but also using logic and the context in which the keyword was used. This can mean multipleContinue Reading

Recruiting today looks radically different than it did just a year ago. Accelerated by COVID-19 and the movement for racial justice, changes that were expected to take years are happening instead in months. Virtually recruiting remote workers is the new norm for many. Internal mobility and upskilling programs are beingContinue Reading

There isn’t a ‘been in business for 4784 years’ stamp in brand stories anymore. There is a ‘survived Covid’ stamp. It is the new Before Christ and Anno Domini. The pandemic has had changes so profound that we charter a new course in every aspect of our lives. Especially ourContinue Reading