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News on Tech and Innovation
Switches, Routers, and Network Appliances

Switches, Routers, and Network Appliances

There is the field of computer networking which involves the interconnection of devices(or hosts) on a network(or to a web of devices). Computer

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E. Enoch - The Maverick
George H. - The people Guru


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Technology. Education. Business and Startups. Society and People. Reviews and Press Release
The Importance Of Artificial Intelligence (AI) To The Supply Chain


News on technology and science

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News on business and startups

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Press and reviews

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News on Business, Economy and Finance with a focus on startups

Top 5 Soft Skills You Need to Future Proof Your Career

The workplace is facing fundamental changes, and many of these changes have been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic What

Leadership and leadership problems

6 Warning Signs of Bad Leadership You Should Never Ignore

Leadership has the power to change, innovate, and build the road to success. But it is not an easy

current cv trends

6 Top Skills Employers Want To See in Your CV in 2022

With the pandemic, the employment industry has embraced remote working. It, therefore, means that employers are looking for skills

Pineapple insurtech firm

South Africa Insurtech startup, Pineapple, raises $3.4M Series A

An insurtech startup in South Africa – Pineapple has raised $3.4 million Series A to further expand into the car insurance space after it claims to have grown by 200% in the last six months.


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With Netserver, you will get trained and certified in various programs and also publish and globally distribute your materials to the public

Training and Certification

Join any of the high premium Netserver classes - online and offline - and get trained and certified on several hot and in-demand programs while giving the social interaction you need for speedy learning

Publishing and Distribution

With Netserver, you can edit, publish and issue your materials (printed, reproduced, textual or graphic material, etc.) for global sale or distribution to the public through various stores

Content Promotion and Marketing

Netserver Africa offers Push Marketing, which is a promotional strategy in which a business attempts to get their message in front of their potential customers


Latest on education and scholarships
Diploma and degree certificate and certfication

Top Benefits of Diploma Courses You Should Know

Read ahead to explore the enormous value of diploma courses that you may not receive with conventional degrees.

How to pass ICSE Mathematics

How you can score full marks in ICSE Mathematics exams

In this article, we have brought some outstanding tips to score full marks in Mathematics this year. So you do not need an

Microsoft Azure Certified

Azure Cloud Computing Services and Certification Program

Microsoft becomes the first cloud today with a totally managed, first-party service to ingest, persist and manage data from various industries whether it


Exciting online workshops for students

Online learning has become a very big part of everyone’s life. In this article, we explore a range of online workshops for students


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Happenings in society and what people are doing
Leadership and leadership problems

6 Warning Signs of Bad Leadership You Should Never Ignore

Leadership has the power to change, innovate, and build the road to success. But it is not an easy game. It is a

Yeah by Homeboy Janx Cover Art Promoted by

New Song: Yeah by Homeboy Janx

Get the latest releases by George Janx including the cover song, New York City Girl on Netserver Africa Music and other authorized places. The hit song ‘Yeah’ can be streamed and downloaded immediately on Netserver Africa Music

Nigeria gaming market

See the ways technology is driving Nigeria’s gaming industry

Nigeria currently has the second largest online gambling market in Africa, behind South Africa, but projections are that the west African nation will


Netserver Digital Hub is an online Tech-based hub that teaches, builds, customizes, re-designs, publishes and promote user-generated ideas. With Netserver Digital Hub you will have your ideas turned into reality in more areas than you can imagine.
We are team of talented developers, designers, tutors, marketers and promoters, working from different locations worldwide and with up to date industry certifications and more than 15years of client-satisfaction experience among us.

Core areas

Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional


What we built


Premium CSS and JS Library

PieCSS and PieJS is a modern and SEO friendly framework and part of the Pie Framework.

Yield Farming DeFI

DeFi Scripts

Yield Farming DeFI

Decentralized Finance that allows you to stake your token and receive custom token as a reward (and can do yield farming). It gets the Kovan price feed of the ERC with ETH to calculate value

VRF Blockchain Lottery, Miners and Faucet Smart Contracts

Blockchain Lottery and Faucets

VRF Blockchain Lottery, Miners and Faucet Smart Contracts

We build Faucets, Miners and Blockchain Lotteries.
We use Chainlink VRF to generate random numbers and to create a verifiably random Lottery contract on the Ethereum and Binance SmartChain Blockchain

Mobile App, Software and Websites

Mobile App, Software and Websites

Popular and Custom IT Development

Build and promote your own mobile application(android and iOS), Software programs and websites with us

Netserver Africa is a technology based outfit for information, events, web based services, IT development, telecoms and other related utilities and technology.
Netserver is a tech franchise that handles provision and deployment of development services and virtual server facilities for websites, VTU options, events management and promotion, software and applications to end-users.
There are promotional features included within the Netserver marketplace from time to time, however, after your promotional period, if any is offered you, you automatically will be charged for a subscription on a monthly or annual basis (at your choice or as provided) unless you cancel. All credits expire after it’s stipulated period as stated.
©2022: All Rights Reserved. We welcome a reproduction in part of our resources, however not for commercial purposes in which case, written permission from is required.



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